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Netherville Deli

I Can't Draw People - Netherville Deli comic

Jeff and I ended up at a strange deli yesterday.
Andrea: “Can we get a sub?”
Deli lady: “It’s gonna be a while.”

It felt like the waiting room to get in to purgatory.
Andrea: “Has anyone moved an inch since we got here?”
Jeff: “Besides following us with their eyes?”

We left.
Andrea: “Do you think they’d all still be waiting if we came back?”
Jeff: “We are never going back there.”

Velveeta Memories

Velveeta memories comic

My mother used to make us a dish of spaghetti with velveeta and tomato sauce.
Andrea: “Hey look, I’ve got all the ingredients”

But it has bad associations of throwing up tied to it.
Andrea: “Maybe I’m ready to try it again.”

Andrea: “No.”

Adventurefuls cookies: mixed reviews

New girl scout cookies dropped.  "Adventuresfuls! An adventureful bite of adventure!"  (exclamation point included)

It got mixed reviews.  
"It's good."
"It is baked with lies!"

I couldn't say because someone ate my sample.  
"I thought you left it for me"
"I have failed as a cookie mom"

New Girl Scout cookie dropped.
Adventurefuls! An adventureful bite of adventure!”
(exclamation point included)

It got mixed reviews.
Jetta: “It’s good”
Ruby: “It is baked with lies!”

I couldn’t say because someone ate my sample
Jeff: “I thought you left it for me”
Andrea: “I have failed as a cookie mom”